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Essential Oils Recipes: The Best 250 Pure Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Recipes For Weight Loss, Anti Aging, Natural Cures, Healthy Lifestyle, Beauty ... oils book, therapeutic oils)

“Discover the most amazing essential oils recipes that will change your life.”

Learn the Powerful Healing Secrets and Benefits of Essential oils For Aromatherapy, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Natural Cures, Healthy Lifestyle, Beauty, and Skin Care. With STEP-BY-STEP Instructions!

Do you want to Learn How to Use Essential Oils for Health, Beauty, Home, And Natural Remedies?

Do you want to be more relaxed and stress-free?

Do you want to feel more energy and vitality?

Got a toothache? Why not dab a little Clove Essential Oil on it?

Are you clogged up and having trouble breathing? Peppermint, Spearmint, and Cypress Essential Oils mixed with Coconut Oil should have you clear quickly.

Do you want to look 10 or 15-year younger? There are essential oil blends to help you in this endeavor.

It’s amazing, but for almost every problem, mentally, physically, and even emotionally, there’s an essential oil or essential oil blend that can solve it. But…until you know what those remedies consist of, they can’t do you any good.

In today's world, the cost of prescription drugs is rising to the roof. People are having side effects from medications. Simple conditions that are untreated could become major health issues down the road.

It’s time to STOP being sick, tired, and unhealthy. It’s time to look and feel your Best Every time.

And there is great news for you…. You can experience Optimal health and wellness with Essential Oils, without endless studying or lifestyle changes.

Discover within the covers of this book, the new secret Healing power of Essential Oils with 250 full-proof tried and true essential oil recipes that will restore your body with balance, clarity, health, and wellness and get you on track to a better and happier life. No matter what your needs, the Essential Oil recipes within this book will fill them.

Natural herbs and remedies have been used for a long time. Essential Oils have been healing people for centuries. The remedies worked then, and they still work today. You just need to know how to use them safely, and this book will show you exactly how.

Not only will you learn all about the wonderful world of Essential Oils, but you will also learn how to use them.

Just knowing Peppermint Essential Oil is good for pain isn’t enough. This book gives you the measurements and step-by-step instructions that will have you using essential oils like a pro.

Are you tired of using dangerous chemical cleaners in your home that put your family’s health at risk? Read on and you will find a treasure chest of recipes that will show you how to use Essential Oil mixes, instead.

Essential Oils aren’t just for minor things, either. Many have found relief from serious medical conditions through natural remedies. This book will cover several diseases, such as heart problems and cancer, and will provide recipes for remedies.

So…. Are You Ready to:

Feel more energy and vitality?

Feel more mentally alert?

Be more relaxed and stress-free?

Do you want to:

Look younger and more beautiful?

Gain protection from germs, toxins, and harmful pathogens?

Achieve an extraordinary level of health and wellness?


Year: 2017

Edition: Kindle Edition

Publisher: Essential oils book, Digital Print House Inc

Language: English

Pages: 126

ISBN 10: 1544261446

ISBN 13: 978-1544261447


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